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Roger H. Moore

Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Illuminet Holdings, Inc.

Mr. Moore has served as a director since February 2002 and as our Lead Independent Director since February 2022. From December 2007 to May 2009, he served as a consultant assisting our Company in the divestiture of its former Communications Services business. From June 2007 through November 2007, Mr. Moore served as interim Chief Executive Officer and President of Arbinet-thexchange, Inc., a provider of online trading services. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of Illuminet Holdings, Inc., a provider of nationwide network and database services, from December 1995 until December 2001 when it was acquired by our Company. Mr. Moore has served as a director of Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc. since July 2005 and serves as chair of its Compensation Committee. Mr. Moore holds a B.S. degree in General Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Mr. Moore is a business executive with significant expertise in general management, sales, technology, cybersecurity, and strategic planning in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Moore’s expertise contributes operational knowledge of important inputs to the Company’s businesses and provides valuable experience in areas of business administration. Mr. Moore also has significant experience, both as a senior executive and as a board member, in joint venture and mergers and acquisition transactions, which is experience that is valuable to the Board. Mr. Moore has experience in military intelligence, including serving two years at the National Security Agency. Mr. Moore has also served on several other boards of directors, including service on the audit, compensation, and corporate governance committees of certain of those boards, providing him with valuable board-level experience. In addition to the several years of business management experience mentioned above, Mr. Moore has international business experience from his time as President of Nortel Japan and as President of AT&T Canada.

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