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Verisign is a global leader in domain names and internet security.

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No, Verisign does not have a direct purchase plan in place.

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Verisign went public on January 29, 1998 at a purchase price of $3.50 per share.

Questions concerning your ownership of Verisign stock should be directed to your brokerage firm or, if your shares are held in your name, to our transfer agent:

Computershare Trust Company

P.O. Box 30170

College Station, TX 77842

Phone: + 1 877 255 1918

Int’l: + 1 201 680 6578

If you are a former or current employee with questions about stock awards please contact the stock administration team at 1-800 -922-4917 and select option 1.  For callers outside the U.S. call 1-703-948-3447 and select option 1.

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Verisign was incorporated in April 1995 in Delaware.

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Verisign is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Verisign can be identified under the symbol VRSN.

The latest quarterly earnings can be found in our Financial Releases page of our website.

To invest in Verisign, you can go through your own personal broker.

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Verisign does not pay a regular dividend on its common stock; however, in 2010 and 2011, the Company paid special dividends.

In 2011, the Company paid a special dividend of $2.75 per share of common stock to holders of record on May 9, 2011. That dividend distribution was classified entirely as a return of capital.

In 2010, the Company paid a special dividend of $3.00 per common share to holders of record on the close of December 20, 2010. Of the $3.00 dividend per share distributed in 2010, $2.26 (75.3%) was treated as a qualified dividend and, $0.74 (24.7%), was treated as a non-dividend distribution per share or return of capital.

There were two 2:1 stock splits in 1999.

To obtain investment information, you can contact Investor Relations at Verisign

Investor Relations

12061 Bluemont Way Reston, VA 20190
Phone: 800-922-4917
Fax: 703 948 3692

The financial analysts can be found under our Financial Analysts page.


McLean, VA

No.  Verisign was a member of the Nasdaq 100 from June 9, 2000, until the close of trading on December 21, 2012.

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